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Claudia Macc & Sissy 2017
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Claudia Macc & Sissy
Genres: Blonde, Brunette, Close-up, Degustation, Dildo, Czech, Pissing, Piss in mouth, Pussy wash, Shaved, Wet panties, Wet toy
Video language: English

Hot blonde Claudia is showcasing some of her lingerie designs to Sissy who is sat taking notes and the sexual tension between these two mounts up pretty quickly! Claudia starts to undress and lets Sissy suck her nipples before she leans on the office desk and pisses all over her. Claudia licks her own juices off Sissy’s leg and kisses her. These pissing lesbians get naked and Sissy takes her turn to sit on the desk while pissing towards Claudia’s mouth! She bends Claudia over the desk and starts to lick her pussy and then it is Sissy’s turn to bend over in a doggystyle position and piss in Claudia’s mouth! Horny blonde Claudia loves piss and these hot lesbians pee into a giant goblet to catch their juices combined. They take turns to juice the golden juices and decide to get each other off with a golden vibrator. They start to get each other off and are filmed pissing while fucking each other with their sex toy. These gorgeous girls continue to enjoy their piss play and pussy licking and finish off a very horny scene for us here at ViPissy!

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Claudia Macc & Sissy 2017 - fucking each, star, takes. Claudia Macc & Sissy 2017
Claudia Macc & Sissy 2017 - takes, pissing, other, fucking each, star star takes pissing - (Claudia Macc & Sissy 2017)

Claudia Macc & Sissy 2017.
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Claudia Macc & Sissy 2017!


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A Hot Fucking While Sexy Babes Piss All Over The Scene.
Release Year: 2011
Cast: Klarisa, Valentina Ross
Genres: Blouses, Pissing, Hardcore
Video language: English

Klarisa and Valentina Ross are getting more than they ever imagined at this bar, because an order of champagne becomes an opportunity for their horny bartender to pull out some glasses and try to piss inside them and all over his hot customers!

While most chicks would run away in horror, these two babes are incredibly slutty (just check out their other work here at Tainster for proof…) and immediately get excited by this piss display!

They forget all about the at this point and focus on the piss, getting nice and fuck nasty while both babes piss all over the scene! Valentina’s shiny pink satin outfit gets drenched to the max, and Klarisa’s denim outfit does as well, so check out this barside piss fucking scene as these two world class kinksters bust a piss and bust this guy’s nut, happily taking his load all over their golden showered selves! Pissing In Action is for the sluttiest, most hardcore freaks around, and these sexy things show us how it’s done!

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A Hot Fucking While Sexy Babes Piss All Over The Scene (other, babes, pink, pissing, two) babes other (A Hot Fucking While Sexy Babes Piss All Over The Scene).
A Hot Fucking While Sexy Babes Piss All Over The Scene - two, pink, pissing, babes, other A Hot Fucking While Sexy Babes Piss All Over The Scene - pink, two, babes, other

A Hot Fucking While Sexy Babes Piss All Over The Scene
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A Hot Fucking While Sexy Babes Piss All Over The Scene.


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Because, A Pissy Party Killed Nobody(2015)
Release Year: 2015
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When shiny sluts Vanessa, Kate Gold, and Adel Sunshine come together things can only get nasty, and when Vanessa finds the other two already getting warmed up she jealously lashes out and brings in a guy with a hard dick to punish them with piss! The golden shower power begins now, and once the place is a proper puddle of piss they can’t help but all get in the mix, turning this afternoon romp from a punishment to a reward for sluttiness, and by the time these four are done with their hardcore watersports the place is a piss disaster zone and every pussy, pretty face, and sexy blouse are completely drenched in the good stuff! 4K pissing coming straight to your face!

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van pissing other group sex (Because, A Pissy Party Killed Nobody(2015))... Because, A Pissy Party Killed Nobody(2015) (van, hard dick, other, group sex)
hard dick other (Because, A Pissy Party Killed Nobody(2015)). other group sex pissing - (Because, A Pissy Party Killed Nobody(2015))

Because, A Pissy Party Killed Nobody(2015) - other, van, group sex, pissing, hard dick
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Double Brunette Pissing
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Rachel Evans & Jenifer Jane
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Gorgeous European girls, Jenifer and Rachel are caught getting intimate with each other as Jenifer pulls Rachel’s panties to one side to lick her pussy. As we get a closer look, these stunning babes want to have a lot more fun with each other so they fill a giant glass goblet with their remaining outfits. Both girls stand over the glass and fire their golden piss into it, making their clothes soaking wet before they squeeze the juices into their mouths to have their first taste of piss in their mouths. Now they are both completely naked, they continue with their lesbian pissing play and Rachel gets her pussy licked first then gets Jenifer to bend over in a doggystyle position before treating her to the same! Rachel has her mouth full of Jenifer’s pee and spits it back towards her juicy pussy! Using an inflatable sex toy, Jenifer fucks Rachel’s pussy and pumps her toy up so that it expands inside her. She immediately sprays more of her golden juices towards Jenifer’s face, showering her in pee. Jenifer doesn’t get left out and enjoys her turn with the toy too, then sits on the coffee table while pisses into Rachel’s mouth. It is very obvious that both of these hot girls love piss ! To finish off their lesbian pee play, they continue to lick each other and sprinkle golden showers on their hot naked bodies! This naughty lesbian pissing scene is one you won’t want to miss!

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Double Brunette Pissing (piss, other, caught, les) Double Brunette Pissing (piss, caught, les, toy)
Double Brunette Pissing! Double Brunette Pissing (other, les, toy)!

Double Brunette Pissing.
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Double Brunette Pissing


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Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1...
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Amazing lesbian scenes with the scent of their pees! These girls not only make love to each other, they love to smell and taste each other’s piss!

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scenes watch peeing - (Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1) Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1 (lesb, watch, scenes, other, peeing)
Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1 - peeing, watch, scenes. Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1.

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Bend Ova Eva - guys, sweet, other, pies, guys who
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Eva goes down on Tatiana Millovani and starts eating her swollen cunt, but three guys who want a piece of both those sweet pies interrupt them. Two of the dudes bend Eva over and rip a hole in the ass of her silk stockings, and then drench her cunt and sphincter in piss before reaming her snatch. It’s one dirty little fuckfest where the whole group continue to drench each other in urine while they suck and fuck and get off on those wet, piss-soaked clothes.

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Bend Ova Eva Bend Ova Eva!
Bend Ova Eva - sweet, other, guys, guys who other guys pies guys who (Bend Ova Eva).

Bend Ova Eva
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Gorgeous Young Dutch Performer Kris Has Always Wanted To Be In The Limelight, But Although He Struggled To Find Other Talents He Discovered Early On That He Knows How To Fuck! This Gorgeous Young Man Has A Great Body, A Great Arse And A Great Uncut Cock Too, And He Knows How To Use All Of It To Get His Scene Partners And Us Cumming! Find Out More About This Sexy Young Man And Enjoy His Solo Wank. There?S Going To Be More Of Him To Come!

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love make (Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1)!
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Amazing lesbian scenes with the scent of their pees! These girls not only make love to each other, they love to smell and taste each other’s piss!

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Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1 other make new - (Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1)
Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1... Lesbian Piss Girls vol.1

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Issing In Action - Natural Born Pissers Pt 62.
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Barra Brass, Claudia Valentine, Elli Ell, Foxies Gold, Rachele Richey, Valentina Ross
Genres: All Sex, Pissing, Blowjobs, Lesbian
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Welcome to a very special party in Pissing In Action: Natural Born Pissers 62. This is the only place where enthusiastic naturalists can meet. Men and women who have discovered that the exchange of body fluids is the ultimate hardcore game! Especially for those who love designer outfits where the nylon and silk gleam with piss and sperm. They are true piss connoisseurs and lovers! Cast: Claudia Valentine, Rachele Richey, Valentina Ross, Foxies Gold, Barra Brass, Elli Ell, Others

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Issing In Action - Natural Born Pissers Pt 62 (file, other, blow, online) Issing In Action - Natural Born Pissers Pt 62.
Issing In Action - Natural Born Pissers Pt 62. Issing In Action - Natural Born Pissers Pt 62 (online, blow, file)!

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Glitz, Piss, Hits, Jizz...

The three of them are french kissing each other, joining their tongues together.

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Glitz, Piss, Hits, Jizz - piss, online, other, kissing Glitz, Piss, Hits, Jizz - kissing, piss, online.
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