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Lena Love - Lena Returns (2017)
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Some of our members may recognize Lena from several years ago and what a pleasure to work with her again. First and foremost, Lena still looks amazing. She has that magical quality of giving a performance that makes us feel like we are the single individual watching her. But what about the pissing? After wetting her jeans, Lena hops on to the table, does a quick little belly slide on it’s surface and undresses meticulously. Now in her bare glory, we have the answer to our question about her pissing. Lena earns another top mark here, and this first shot is exceptional. Down on her knees, she starts off peeing in an almost squatted state until she pivots forward. The table top proves to be a prime location, with Lena shot in full frame as the puddle forms nicely beneath her fantastic stream. She takes a few moments to slide and twirl on the glass surface, tantalizing our senses. During some self stimulation with a rubber dildo, Lena pees for us again. This is a very raw pee, in the sense that she doesn’t seem concerned about setting herself up for any particular pose, but just letting it fly as she lays back. A large goblet is the focus of her final pee as Lena gives us one more wonderful piss to remember her by.

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