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Beware to the girls who dare come down to the dungeon – there are some nasty surprises down there. Can Johanne take it? The master is very mean and enjoys the screams of pain coming from the girls he dominates and makes his sex slaves. Johanne is no exception – see how she screams when the master pins her tits and makes her pussy feel incredible pain – he knows all the nerve endings of the body to make every hair stand on end.

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Video Mission Possible 1080P
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She crouches down and licks her juices from his pants before taking out his cock and sucking him off, treating him to a seriously horny blowjob.

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Gorgeous friends, Paula Shy and Kattie Gold are getting ready for a night out and start comparing each others features, such as their tits! This pair are very competitive and soon they are both naked and still trying to outdo each other! They soon turn passionate and start kissing before Paula spreads her legs and watches Kattie touch herself. Paula gives her redhead friend a golden shower and soaks her then this horny pair get onto the bed and both piss and masturbate each other at the same time! Soon they are licking each others pussies and pissing over each other while thrusting their pussies together! Even when they have finished, they still can’t agree on who is better!

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Erst fallen nur kleine Tropfen, dann wird der gelbe Regen stärker und zum Schluss schießt eine wahre Piss-Flut aus den weit geöffneten Rohren. Der Strahl trifft direkt in die gierig geöffneten Münder, zielt in weit aufgerissene Rosetten und schliesslich werden die Pipi-Freaks komplett mit Natur-Sekt geduscht.

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Release Year: 1980
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anita feller is the actress with the hardest porns ever made in germany. she started in the early 80ths with scenes that never been seen before, like anal fisting and kaviargames. here is one of them, called “KLISTIER COCKTAIL”
the movie starts with anita and her girlfriend who piss anita into the mouth. Then anita piss her girlfriend in the mouth, while she sucks on her pierced cunt. after a little bit of asshole fingering and ass- licking anita gets a champanger klistier and her girlfriend sucks the expulsion straight from the asshole. then gives anita her girlfriend an enema with her own piss and fucks her with dildos till the shit comes out. after a little bit of pissing comes a friend of the two girls. they suck his cock while he is pissing. after some fucking and ass- fucking the girls are pissing on the friend. then they fuck and suck and piss and lick and shit in every holes till the man cums into the mouth of both girls. coole action with many close-ups of all holes.

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Adel Sunshine is one horny chick, so she’s no stranger to using toys to buzz her vag, but when her man catches her in the act he’s a bit offended that she didn’t come for his dick instead, so he feels the need to douse her fire with a load of piss all over her!

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Seductive Hottie Have A Fun With Her Man Seductive Hottie Have A Fun With Her Man - genres, load, hardcore, pissing
Seductive Hottie Have A Fun With Her Man Seductive Hottie Have A Fun With Her Man - hardcore, genres, pissing, load

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Bangin’ Eurobabes Bella Baby and Cindy Dollar were admiring their pretty nails when Bella realized she had to take a piss, but being the freak she is, instead of running to the bathroom she lets it out right then and there, soaking her jeans in warm piss!

All the while Martin was creeping behind their couch, and when he sees just what kind of freak these chicks are he feels no more need to hide, and instead reveals himself and immediately gets to golden showering both babes! Now that the scene is covered in piss, all three are horny as hell and they get down to some hardcore piss fucking!

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She mentions to Foxies that she needs to pee so she asks her friend to sit still. Shoes and all, Alexis climbs onto the couch and drops her pants to her knees. She hooks her knees together and spreads her feet apart and drops a piss shower over Foxies’ knees. Now it’s Foxies’ turn. Alexis is a feisty one, and she wants to make sure that Foxies gets the moment just right for her. After helping her prepare, she tightens her legs together to capture some piss in her feminine V junction. But Alexis is not a bossy type, more of a flirty suggester, and she allows Foxies to do her own thing as she leaves her ass open to whatever Foxies will do. The girls lick it up, 69 style and then Foxies drops to the floor with a toy spreading her open. Alexis makes it look effortless, aiming for Foxies’ gap before letting go and spraying her friend’s face. Alexis is just about ready to pee again, but this time it takes a little more work to get things going. Foxies gives her a full hand insertion from behind all the way up to her wrist. After Foxies pees on her, Alexis is ready to go one more time. She hovers above the couch with her body facing upwards landing a nice stream on her friend.

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Very beautiful girls in different scenes of depraved sex with guy.

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Vanessa wants to play a game with her girlfriend and has a flogger handy, ready for some domination fun. She towers above her cute friend and they start to kiss before Luna pisses all over Vanessa’s hands as she laps up all of those golden juices. Soon Vanessa pushes Luna’s face into her pussy and demands that she licks her. More pussy licking action takes place and Vanessa fires a stream of piss into Luna’s face as she licks her clit clean. This kinky duo play with a sex swing as Luna’s wet pussy is filled with a massive black sex toy. Vanessa gets her turn with a dildo and bends over to piss in Luna’s eager mouth. Using a metal speculum, Luna is stretched wide apart and Vanessa stands above her trying to aim her piss into Luna’s pussy! It isn’t long before Luna is also self pissing and covering herself and Vanessa in a massive and powerful stream!

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