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Niky Dream.
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Sometimes it’s nice to treat a bitch like a slut. This blonde babe Niky Dream gets herself spreading does legs open wide and getting pounded like a good little whore. Before she’s getting comfortable and letting this huge guy tast her pissy pussy, miss Dream is giving him a warm golden shower.

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Niky Dream. Niky Dream (babe, spreading, new)...

Niky Dream (new, spreading, babe).
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Niky Dream


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Urine mania part 8 (only, new, mouth, gets fucked)
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Linda, a blasfreudige blond bastard gets fucked like a pig. Whenever you get an orgasm, the Small pisses off like a moose. Gaby and Anna ships themselves headlong into the face, piss each other in the mouth, can be shameless bludgeon and vollrotzen overboard. Housekeeper Biggi has not only gorgeous, …

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Urine mania part 8 Urine mania part 8

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Barbariska and Alisa.
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Extreme fucking pissing in mouth and ass sluts Barbariska and Alisa…

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Barbariska and Alisa - english, hard, piss. Barbariska and Alisa.
file english piss - (Barbariska and Alisa) Barbariska and Alisa.

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Francys Belle & Lilith!
Release Year: 2017
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We do love a lesbian pissing scene where blonde meets brunette here at VIPissy and today is no exception. Stunning blonde Lilith walks in on her girlfriend Francys Belle who is laying on the leather sofa. She tries to wake her unsuccessfully so starts to play with two cocktail glasses that are on the side table in an effort to stir her. Lilith is definitely in the mood for some fun and licks Francys pussy as she sits on the back of the sofa. Francys sprays Lilith’s grey top with her golden piss, soaking it and this just turns Lilith on even more. Francys takes off her top and plays with her big boobs then lets gorgeous blonde Lilith tower over her while spraying golden showers! Both girls are nice and wet and get naked pretty quickly before using a pussy pump to catch more of Francys piss. Lilith pours the juicy golden pee into Francys mouth and down her naked body, drenching her even more in pee! Next up it is Lilith’s turn and she starts to fill the pussy pump but instead of pouring it all down herself, she opts to juice her own piss, enjoying every mouthful! These horny girls continue with their lesbian pissing scene by toying a glass dildo and enjoying more pussy licking. Of course there is even more piss play involved as Francys bends over and sprays a messy stream of piss all over the leather sofa and into Lilith’s hand! Lilith does one better as she lays back and fires a stream of pee right up into the air. Finally, these naughty girls catch their golden nectar in the cocktail glasses and pour their juices all over themselves!

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Francys Belle & Lilith - english, file, big boobs, piss Francys Belle & Lilith - finally, piss, english, big boobs
english piss file - (Francys Belle & Lilith) piss file (Francys Belle & Lilith).

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Honour May is a beautiful chatty girl. She introduces herself right away and declares her love of pee play, narrating much of her Wet and Pissy experience. She lets us know just how much she loves pee play and how badly she needs to pee for us. Honour May is not just feeding us some empty talk because when she gets down to the business of peeing, she is very impressive. Her peeing keeps flowing out of her shorts for a good amount of time and she fills much of the giant bowl below her. She strips down completely and soaks and rinses her clothing in her pee. She places her flushed clothing in the bowl and has a shorter but sexy standing pee into the bowl holding her clothing. A shining moment is this sexy girl peeing down on all fours with the bowl placed appropriately below her. Honour May graces us with another lengthy pee and gets herself soaking wet, dumping her pee over her head. After some dildo action, Honour May goes full doggie style making her aim into the bowl one more time. We hope you enjoy Honour May’s hd pissing video as much as we enjoyed filming it with her.

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Great British Play (love, piss, style, english) love english piss style (Great British Play).

piss love (Great British Play)!
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Pissing Fuckers.
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Amazing compilation over 2 hour, piss in mouth and fuck sluts. enjoy!!!

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tit vid online - (Pissing Fuckers) Pissing Fuckers.
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In The Kitchen.
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Blonde babe Vinna Reed teams up with her brunette friend Yenna in today’s scene on ViPissy. Vinna is reading a magazine in the kitchen when Yenna has other ideas and climbs onto the table before kissing her blonde friend. Yenna starts to pull down her denim hotpants and as Vinna lays down on the table, Yenna pisses over her and the denim hotpants. Both girls start to lick Yenna’s golden piss out of the denim before Yenna starts to undress Vinna and licks her pussy while in a doggy style position. Soon both girls are naked and Vinna returns the favour by licking Yenna’s pussy before Yenna sprays a stream of her piss into Vinna’s mouth. Vinna enjoys her taste of lesbian piss smelling then gets her pussy licked some more before copying Yenna and pissing into Yenna’s mouth. These naughty girls kiss and swap juices between each other then Yenna bends over in a doggystyle position and pisses into a glass with some of her juices missing aim and covering Vinna. The girls juice the juices and Vinna catches some of her golden pee too. Finally after getting seriously horny with their lesbian piss play, they enjoy toying a glass dildo then lay back on the table spraying another stream of piss upwards into the air!

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In The Kitchen (online, scene, fingering, other) In The Kitchen (scene, other, online).
online other (In The Kitchen). In The Kitchen - fingering, tit, online, other

online other (In The Kitchen).
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In The Kitchen (fingering, other, online, tit)


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scene naughty (Nicol Lovel)...
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Stunning dark haired babe Nicol Love features on ViPissy today and wears a sexy little lingerie set consisting of her bra and panties. She uses a mirror to pose over and create a double while she seductively looks into the camera and then this naughty girl pulls her panties to one side and starts to touch her pussy. Soon she is pissing all over the mirror and creating quite an impressive puddle! Nicol sits in this puddle and gets her panties soaking wet with golden pee. She tastes her juices and dives into her wet puddle of piss before turning this seriously hot scene into a hardcore affair as she gets on her knees and enjoys piss as our guy pees straight into her mouth! She sits back onto the mirror and takes golden showers from him too before bending over doggystyle and getting her xxl pussy lips pounded. Afterwards they change positions and Nicol rides his dick on top. She loves being in control sometimes and after her pussy has been drilled, she lifts off and pisses all over his cock. Naughty Nicol then treats him to a hot blowjob and gets soaked in more of our guys piss. While she is laying on her back with her legs over her head, she enjoys getting her ass fingered and she gets drenched from head to toe in piss before taking a cumshot over her tongue just like a good girl should do!

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scene naughty loves tit (Nicol Lovel). Nicol Lovel
Nicol Lovel (naughty, online, tit, scene) naughty scene online - (Nicol Lovel)

Nicol Lovel (loves, tit, naughty)...
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Nicol Lovel.


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Caprice's Angel - enjoy, new, vid.
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To celebrate our 4th anniversary we have a real treat in store for you… A WORLD EXCLUSIVE, Little Caprice appears in her first ever lesbian pissing scene and we have it right here on VIPissy! Little Caprice teams up with Dido Angel in this update and this gorgeous pair are on their way back to the apartment. They get into the hallway and can’t keep their hands on each other as they start kissing and Dido Angel pisses through her tight denim jeans right there and then! Little Caprice helps her to take off her denims and they lick Dido Angel’s golden juices from her crotch. Little Caprice licks her pussy and is so turned on that she pees her denims too! The fun continues in the shower room as these pissing lesbians clean up. Their shower turns into even more piss play where Little Caprice kneels down and attempts to catch another stream of Dido Angel’s piss in her mouth. This is her first ever lesbian piss action and she looks like she is well into it! Little Caprice leans up against the shower room wall and pees over Dido Angel while getting her pussy licked some more! Next these lesbian pee lovers head into the bedroom. They enjoy some more pussy licking and Dido Angel even rims Little Caprice’s ass! Theses gorgeous European girls take turns using a purple vibrator and spray even more of their pee streams over the bed. Finally, they suck up their juices from the bed sheets and finish a very playful debut lesbian pissing scene!

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Caprice's Angel. Caprice's Angel (new, enjoy, love, dildo)
Caprice's Angel. Caprice's Angel - dildo, vid, love.

Caprice's Angel.
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Caprice's Angel!


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Dafne & Katy Sky (close, piss, take turns)!
Release Year: 2017
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Blonde babe Katy Sky and her dark haired friend Daphne are relaxing in the same room but start to get bored so they decide to liven things up a bit. Daphne notices that Katy has her hands down her panties, so she walks over to her and stands over her while spraying her in golden showers! Katy’s top is sodden in golden piss and Daphne starts to undress her before licking her pussy with her tongue piercing. Katy sits up on the back of the sofa and sprays her juices all over Daphne, who opens her mouth ready and waiting for some piss smelling fun. Both girls get naked and start to play with some golden ben wa balls which they suck before Katy inserts them into Daphne’s pussy. After pulling them out she licks them and then lays back on the sofa for her turn. Daphne enjoys returning the favour and then this pair of horny girls get hold of a purple vibrator which they take turns using. First, Daphne pisses all over it, and once they have both enjoyed this little toy, Katy bends over in a doggystyle position and pees into Daphne’s mouth! They continue to use their little toy and once both girls have orgasmed, they squat on the sofa and simultaneously spray another stream of piss over the coffee table before lapping up their messy puddle! If you love watching hd pissing lesbians, you’re in the right place!

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Dafne & Katy Sky - russia, take turns, close. Dafne & Katy Sky - vibrator, russia, take turns, close, piss
close take turns piss vibrator (Dafne & Katy Sky)! Dafne & Katy Sky - take turns, vibrator, piss, russia, close

close take turns vibrator piss (Dafne & Katy Sky)...
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